Vega Black (vegablack62) wrote,
Vega Black

Superhero to the rescue in Japan

An experienced surfer and swimmer, Hideaki Akaiwa, 42, was at work miles from home when the tsunami hit. He rushed back to find a ten foot high sea of water between him, his neighborhood and his wife of twenty years.  He found scuba gear and swam in freezing temperatures through the floating piles of debris, dodging traps and wreckage till he was able to rescue his wife and get her to safety.  Days after searching for his mother fruitlessly in area shelters he went into the water again returning to the neighborhood where she had last been seen. Making his way through water up to his neck he found  and rescued her as well. 

Now frustrated with the high water levels and the lack of help from the outside, he searches for survivors himself through hazardous debris laden water in freezing temperatures, an action hero in cast off clothes and salvaged goggles. 

This man is my hero for the day.  Read about him here:,0,7192950.story

I think I may be spamming your accounts with earthquake posts.  Sorry ahead of time.

For those who are interested, a live feed from Japanese english language television of the earthquake coverage can be accessed here:
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