March 15th, 2011

Japanese child


What's all the anger at NPR.  So one of their fundraisers believes the Republican party is anti-intellectual and the Tea Party is inspired by racism?  These are unspeakable opinions?  Really?

Well I'll speak them now.  The modern Republican Party whatever the intellectual heft of its members has since 1980 gotten attention and votes by enlisting shallow arguments against everything from climate change to the artist Mapplethorpe and openly ridiculing studies of everything from earthquakes to contraception and Aids.  If that's not anti-intellectual I don't know what is.

As to the Tea Party I will quote my white, well-off  retired parents who spend most of their day watching Cspan, Msnbc, business news on various channels (how else to track their retirement investments) and Cnn.  "Most of these guys are a bunch of white people terrified by the thought that they are no longer the source of all power."  On the Birthers:  "People who will grasp at any straw rather than admit they lost."

My father on Obama:  "This guy could fund the national debt by passing golden eggs and these people would complain that they weren't shiny enough."
Japanese child

For Japan

The American skier Julia Mancuso teamed up with two Japanese skiers to raise money for the earthquake victims in Japan.  The three of them are asking skiers at the World Cup Finals this week to donate some or all of their winnings to the relief work in Japan.  The winnings from such an event can be tens of thousands of dollars.  Neither Japanese skier is competing as the Finals are only open to the top 25, but Julia could win some medals and some money in more than one event.  She is a very well connected and successful skier so her name lends a lot to this request.  I think it is great that she has come forward and made such a generous commitment.