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Two Gryffindors


Title: Two Gryffindors -- Part one -- Hogwarts

Word count: 1200 words; 4 drabbles 300 words each

Rating: G

Characters: Alice and Frank Longbottom,  Benjy Fenwick, very very brief Molly Prewett

Summary: A series of Drabbles about Alice and Frank and their early life together. 

Author's notes:  These were written in response to prompts on the Sugar Quill.  They were also published under the same name on fanfiction.net  . Each Drabble can stand alone but all are interconnected and exist in the same universe.

Two Gryffindors -- Part one -- Hogwarts


Gryffindor! Shouted the hat.

Alice walked toward the cheering Gryffindors. She glanced back toward the Hufflepuff table, where her friends, Dorcas and Emma sadly watched her. Emma gave a little wave.


Gryffindor was not Alice's choice. The year before, her two best friends became Hufflepuffs and returned from school with plans for all they would do when Alice joined them. Both her parents were from Hufflepuff families, and Alice wanted to be just like her Hufflepuff dad. But the Hat told her that the sort wasn't determined by who your friends were or who you loved. “Who are you? Why should you be in Hufflepuff?” the Sorting Hat had asked. Alice hadn't known what to say. She'd never thought about such things before.


She sat with the Gryffindor first years. A tear ran down her cheek; she wiped it away angrily.


The other kids stared.


“I wanted to be in Hufflepuff,” she told them. The house of warm rooms behind round doors, the house found behind the Still Life near the kitchen, was Hogwarts to her.


“Maybe you could ask a teacher to switch you,” said Benjy, a Muggleborn boy she'd met on the train.


“Why would you want to be a Hufflepuff duffer?” asked a nasty looking teenager.


“Don't call them duffers.” Alice snapped.


A redheaded girl named Molly turned to Alice. “You can't change your house,” she said.


The Hufflepuff hater snorted. “I'd like to see her tell McGonagall she didn't want to be in Gryffindor.”


“I don't think you're allowed to change,” said the red headed girl. “Besides the Sorting Hat is always right -- you're supposed to be in Gryffindor. You are a Gryffindor.”


Soon Alice would walk with the other kids up to the rooms in the tower, not down to the badger's burrow, because of who the Sorting Hat said she was.


But, who am I?” Alice wondered




“Don't you think it'd be a waste to miss out on your life's ambition because you're bad on a broom?” asked Frank. He and Alice had been given a list of maneuvers required of candidates for Auror. He spread his out on the Gryffindor table. “Most of these are Quidditch moves. I could teach them to you.”


Alice looked down at her list as he spoke. Her blond hair was spread out around her like a shawl. She pulled it back and looked up at him. “Why do you want to do this?” Alice asked.


“I wouldn't want to get the Auror position because my chief rival never played Quidditch. I'd like to know I won for a better reason than my broom skills,” Frank said. He looked around the Great Hall and lowered his voice. “There's a lot of stupid rumors going around. Are people really saying you should let me have the job?”


Alice nodded.


“They're idiots,” Frank replied. “I don't need you or anyone else to step aside for me. I can win this just fine by myself.”


She tilted her head a little to the side, a half smile on her face.


“I know. I sound like a complete prat, but -- don't do anything stupid.”


“I'll do my best, Frank,” Alice answered sweetly, “I usually try to avoid doing anything stupid, but I can't make any promises.”


He was making mistake after mistake. He knew he was an arrogant prat.


Alice frowned at the paper. Her finger traced the diagrams of the broom maneuvers. Frank didn't think she'd master them on her own. He'd had to learn most of those moves from Hooch.


“I'd be stupid not to accept your help,” Alice said.


If she joined the Aurors they'd make her cut off that hair, Frank thought.




Alice stood on the Quidditch pitch holding her wonky old broom waiting for Frank. She'd accepted Frank's offer of help because she didn't think she had a choice. Alice couldn't see how she was going to learn the maneuvers the Aurors required on her own. The thought irritated her. Alice noticed Frank hadn't offered a trade: her help with Transfiguration for his with these broom maneuvers, but then Frank Longbottom wouldn't ask for help with anything. He just offered it to others.


Alice was afraid she was making a mistake. She had fancied Frank in the past. At times she'd made a hobby of it. Those feelings had been entirely one sided. She was over him now. She didn't want to risk falling for him again just when she needed a clear head to apply for Aurors and study for her Newts.


A call caught her attention. Frank was walking up the Quidditch pitch carrying two brooms, waving and smiling at her. She liked his smile. She liked the oddest things about him. It had been his Patronus that grabbed her, the last time she fell for him. She'd stood in Defense Against the Dark Arts watching him try to cast one, half hoping for something ostentatious or self-important that would amuse her. Instead of the lion, or panther that she expected, he cast a border collie with a solicitous and eager manner and she was smitten, but that had been a long time ago.


Frank reached her, looking earnest and concerned.“Do you mind? I brought my old broom for you. It's better for these tight maneuvers.” 


Alice was powerfully reminded of the border collie. She decided not to worry about her feelings. How serious could they be if they were inspired by an endearing Patronus?



They were supposed to be doing revisions for their NEWTS, but Frank was writing a letter and Benjy was reading a Muggle history book. Alice could guarantee that nothing in that book would appear on any  NEWT.


“Benjy, what are you doing?”


“Reading Gibbon, The Fall of the Roman Empire,” he replied.


“Who for? Stalk in Muggle studies? It's not for Binn's class.”


“I'm positive Stalk is ignorant of this book's existence.”


“Why are you reading a Muggle book nobody's heard of when you should be doing revisions for exams?” asked Frank.


“NEWTs? Remember them Benjy?” Alice asked.


“I fear no NEWT. Unlike you and Frank, I've carefully chosen my future career. An OWL and a sense of humor are all that's required for Muggle relations. I already have the first and I'm working on the second. Really my presence in classes is as much a sham as Stalk's claim to be an expert on Muggles.”


Benjy reached across and grabbed Frank's paper.


“It's a letter to my parents,” Frank said. “They sent a list of things for me to improve.”


Benjy tossed the paper aside without reading it. “Your parents are insane, Frank. I thought you knew that.”


“Of course I know it. I'm not doing any of this. I just tell them what they want to hear.”


“They're not concerned this little exercise will interfere with NEWTS?” asked Benjy.


“Success is assumed. They seek perfection.”


“Your parents don't ask for much, do they?” Alice asked.


“Not much,” he said and smiled at her.


I really should decide how I feel about him, thought Alice.


NEWTS begin in a week. Frank's writing his parents a pack of lies, Benjy's reading the books we should be studying in Muggle Studies, and I'm pretending to do my revision while I ogle Frank. We're all mad.






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